looking for recommendations

When I got involved in politics as a teenager, I was less knowledgeable and younger than everyone I hung around with, so I decided I’d voraciously study as much as I could to catch up. Five years later, I finally feel I’ve done enough studying to cut back a bit and read fiction (and literary non-fiction, if it’s good).

But having tuned out all mention of these genres for years, I don’t know where to begin. So, you, my cultured friends, should recommend your favorites, particularly work that’s come out in the past 10-15 years since I think the most recent fiction I’ve read was The Corrections (which wasn’t bad, even if Jonathan Franzen is terrible).

Also, what publications and sites do you follow to find good new work? That way I can start keeping up with this stuff on my own.

I’m sure this post will elicit an onslaught of well intentioned but entirely not-what-I-was-looking for input, but I suppose that’s life on the internet.

6 thoughts on “looking for recommendations

  1. The Reluctant Fundamentalist– Hamid

    The God of Small Things (beautiful, major TW though) — Roy

    The Sympathizer– Viet Thanh Nguyen

    The Known World– Edward P Jones

    Home– Toni Morrison

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  2. Love Frazem. Not sure if your looking for fiction or pollitics. Chris Hedges is my read for politics. There are others but I like his style. Not too heady but he is an intelledtual that can be undertood without being burdened with excessive detail. In fiction, I am sorry to say I am still looking for that book you can’t put down, Let me know if you come across one of those, CH latest is Wages of Rebellion. I have Purity by Franzen but haven’t read it yet. If he is not for you then it is just the way it is. I enjoyed two of his other books. Hope lots of people respond to you and you find that book that keeps you up all night reading and then you tell me about it. Marian Drum


  3. any of sam shepard´s prose altho´it´s pretty alpha
    six months in sudan -james maskalyk (medicins san frontieres young doctor)
    the way of the world-nicholas bouvier (travel book)
    bury me standing- isabel fonseca (living among the roma)
    fire on the mountain-john n maclean (story of the south canyon fire)
    selected poems-anne sexton (catholic mental patient w/ body issues & one of the 20th centuries..forget
    sylvia plath !)


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