Mohammed Omer interviews Gazans

Mohammed Omer, a reporter from Rafah, inside of Gaza, has been reporting seemingly 24/7 since the siege began.

In his newest piece, he interviewed Gazans during a brief calm in the violence of Operation Protective Edge.

What’s remarkable about these interviews is the clarity with which these besieged Palestinians articulate the complexity of the conflict. While Zionists and their supporters in the media cannot speak the word “Hamas” without adding “terrorists,” the interviewees express what we all know: resistance is justified when the violence being visited upon you is not.

This we know. This is why the media cannot break from the equation Hamas=terrorists. To introduce nuance is to open Israel up to a barrage of criticism, and that is unacceptable.

Instead, we can all now condemn the killing of children. But contextualizing these deaths and how militant resistance stems from a state that has long visited death upon innocents?

Well, I don’t think that’d get past the censors anyway.

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