Pittsburgh: Worst City in the US for African-Americans?

A new report backs up an earlier study that showed Pittsburgh has a higher rate of black poverty than any other major US city. This previous study was conducted in 1990, and we now know that nothing has changed, despite the city’s much lauded “revival,” which has seen an influx of tech and medical companies make Pittsburgh their home.

The new report shows that “violent crime arrests for African-American juveniles in Pittsburgh are twice the rate for black juveniles nationally, and murders and manslaughter arrests for black adults in the city are nearly 30 times that of whites.”

And, in case you’ve been living in a bubble, arrest rates for African-American juveniles nationally are unbelievably high, which makes Pittsburgh’s rates nearly impossible to comprehend.

For a visceral peek into what black poverty in Pittsburgh looks like, I recommend watching this video by Pittsburgh hip-hop artist and indefatigable activist Jasiri X. It’s title, “Most Livable City,” is a reference to Pittsburgh winning that award from national magazines multiple years in a row.

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